I read many other education blogs each day and often find statements that resonate

with me and help me to verbalize my educational philosophy. On 6/27/11 Justin Tarte

wrote” Building and establishing strong relationships with your students is absolutely

ESSENTIAL if you truly want to positively affect their lives and have an everlasting


This is from a list of  ten important lessons he has learned from his students. I have so

often found this to be true.  For students who live in an environment where education is

not always the first priority, this is especially true.  Students, regardless of differences,

all respond to people. Creating a relationship with a student helps to prevent teacher

depersonification.   In my experience, students who can relate to you outside of the

teacher “box” are much more willing to work with you.   I  am not advocating a lack of

professionalism, but rather the exhibition of a teacher’s natural warmth and concern

for each individual student. One may call into question how this impacts respect in a

student/teacher relationship. Respect is impacted in the fact that it is not based in fear

over power inequities, but rather trust that the adult knows the student enough to

promote the best interest of the student.




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