Summer is the time of year that teachers use to reflect on and recover from a demanding school year.  It is a wonderful opportunity to explore new resources that will fuel your passion for teaching in a whole new way.  I am spending a great deal of time exploring options for learning that I can use with the technology equipment available to me at my school.  Sometimes it is frustrating to see a resource that would be perfect only to see it can’t work with our existing technology resources.

Right now I am bound and determined to get an invite to google plus-I love the idea of circles, so that I can separate the different facets of my life such as a separate circle for work, one for family and one for friends.

One of the most difficult aspects of exploring potential resources is keeping them organized.  My student teacher told me about Diigo and now I am hooked.  Diigo is simply an online bookmark system.  It allows you to access your bookmarks from any computer.  (Gotta love the cloud!)  It also allow you to tag entries for easy retrieval.  My favorite part of Diigo is Diigo in Education.  This brings me a fresh list of tech resources, articles on education and many other interesting tidbits,  I have this sent in a digest every 24 hours and am always excited to read through the listings.  Of course not everything is useful to me, but it seems every week or so I can cull out some gems for future use.

So you can see, teaching is never far from my mind but in the summer it is lovely to have the option to get away from thinking about school for a little while!


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