The New “3 R’s”

How has the internet affected teaching and learning?  For years, teachers were purveyors of fact.  This is no longer necessary.  “This mass of gigantic information readily available on the internet has clearly resulted in the fact that education in no longer about teaching facts and data but about content-based learning and the skills to use that content.” states Manjula Pooja Shroff in her article “Educating the Facebook Generation”   As educators we need to let go of teaching content and focus on teaching our students to make the best use of the information readily available to them.

What does this mean?-A new version of the three R’s-




These are the new parameters that will direct a student’s learning.  One of the major challenges that today’s students face is sorting through an overabundance of information that is available at the touch of a button.  Is this piece of information relevant to my learning challenge?  Is the source of this information reliable?  How does this information reflect the the goal of the learning challenge I am working on?


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